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Thank you for visiting the home page for the ITF-USA, the first International Taekwon-Do Federation approved association in the United States.  Our mission, as a non-profit and democratically-structured organization, is to foster the teaching and art of traditional Taekwon-Do in the United States, as handed down by our founder General Choi, Hong Hi.

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February 15-16, 2014

2014 ITF-USA National Seminar in San Jose, CA.
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2012 World Championships in England


2013 World Championships in Benidorm, Spain

The ITF-USA is proud to provide new uniforms, complete with the US flag and embroidered USA on the back, to its world class competitors!


We want our competitors looking and performing their best when it's their time in the ring.
The junior girls in California have already checked out their new uniforms and have given it the thumbs up!

The countdown until the competitors leave for Spain is fast approaching and we cannot be more excited for them! With over 1000 competitors already registered for the competition, it is already shaping up to be a great competition. Please join us in wishing the US team a safe and successful trip. Bring home the medals!

Check in to our facebook page often for updates on the road and during the competiton at www.facebook.com/itfusa.

Check out the competition: http://wchamp2013.pztkd.lublin.pl/


First ITF-USA National Seminar

The ITF-USA hosted the FIRST NATIONAL ITF-USA SEMINAR on June 21-23, 2013 at RED TIGER TKD in Philadelphia, USA. Over 80 participants from across the United States took part in the intensive 3-day seminar conducted by ITF-USA Board of Directors and special guest Ms. Julia Cross of Scotland.

The course included seminars in Competition Rules, Umpiring, Power Breaking, Sparring, Ho Sin Sool, ITF Patterns, Business and Marketing. Two Time US National Team Coach and ITF-USA Technical Director, Master Marcello F. Cancelliere along with ITF-USA President Grandmaster Van Binh led off the weekend with Patterns training and Self Defense instruction. Vice Presidents Sa bum C. Foley and J. Morris conducted breaking and business/marketing seminars for the participants. In addition, Sec. General and Chairman of the ITF-USA Umpire Committee, Sa bum K. Rattet reviewed the new ITF Competition Rules that will be in effect in October at the 2013 ITF World Championships in Benidorm, Spain.

But the highlight of the weekend was special guest and 6x World Champion Ms. Julia Cross of Scotland. Ms. Cross is a 4x World Champion in Sparring (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007) and 2x World Champion in Patterns (2003 & 2005), twice selected Best Overall Female Competitor (2003 & 2005) and the 1st Female Competitor inducted into the Hall of Fame (2007). Master Cancelliere states, " Her credentials are second to none but what was most impressive was her ability to relate to the students and the practicality of her drills." Over the 3-day course, Ms. Cross led sessions in Ring Craft, Conditioning and Sparring Strategies to students of all ranks and ages.

Participants ranged from US National Team members to young aspiring color belts and her focus, intensity and enthusiasm was inspiring. Master Cancelliere adds, " I first saw Ms. Cross compete in Malaysia in 1994 and over the next 13 years watched her become one of the most dominant female competitors in the ITF! To maintain that level of competition for so many years, was truly amazing and a testament of Ms. Cross' determination, desire, preparation. It was also one of the main reasons we invited her to Philadelphia."

Red Tiger Tkd has invited former and current World Champions such as David Kerr (Brazil), Mark Trotter (New Zealand) and Carl Van Roon (New Zealand) to Philadelphia in the past and is honored to have added Ms. Julia Cross to our list of renown competitors. It is through these seminars that we aspire to duplicate their success on the world stage.

We are also very grateful to Ms. Cross for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come to the USA and host one of the best seminars to date. Lastly, in Ms. Cross' own words, "TRAIN HARD, WIN EASY"!

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US Nationals - April 19-21

Congratulations to all competitors for an excellent 2013 USA Nationals. We saw some great talent out there this weekend and look forward to seeing your continued improvement and growth the next time around.

To those who made the 2013 USA Team for Spain, congratulations once again, more information regarding details and logistics will be emailed to you in the near future.

The 2015 US Nationals will be hosted by the ATFI in Austin, Texas.

Master Nunez, Grand Master Van Binh, Master Suarez, Master Affatigato.
President of the ATFI, ITF-USA, NTA-ITF, and OTFA at the USA Nationals.


Future Team Selection Proposal

For your consideration, the following proposal document, regarding team selection and training, has been uploaded. Corrections and ideas are welcomed.

2011 Proposal for New Team Selection Process for World Championships


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